How can a business enterprise find a suitable project partner at the university? How can a researcher at the University of Innsbruck find the right company for cooperating in a project application or product development? How can the technologies and equipment available at the university laboratories be utilized in order to generate innovative project cooperations?

The Transferstelle Wissenschaft - Wirtschaft - Gesellschaft, the transfer centre at the University of Innsbruck, as interface institution establishes contact with a suitable project partner. Besides its core activities in project management and technology transfer, currently a competencies database is being developed, with which available competencies and resources will be recorded, crosslinked and provided to the public.

Thus we facilitate and accelerate transfer of knowledge, innovation and the creation of networks and also assist cooperation between partners from science and industry as well as within the university.

The aim of this Competencies Database is not to record individual academic research achievements, which already appear in the FLD (Forschungsleistungsdokumentation/Research Documentation Database) but to collect the professional and methodical competencies of individual scientists. In parallel, the research competencies of Tyrolean companies are surveyed.

Since the end of 2012 work has been carried out on a test database, which has now reached the point where, after initial tests with the Faculty of Technical Sciences, the database is available to all researchers at the University of Innsbruck. Database development is partly funded by the Interreg IVa project „Rapid Open Innovation‟.

Input screen

Go to input form for scientists at the University of Innsbruck:

Here you can log in using your username and password. If you have not received any login details, register here.

Then you can complete your contact details and other data under „User data‟ and add new entries to the database under „Competencies‟ (User Help).

All types of professional, technical and methodical skills may be entered, also in combination with particular technologies, equipment or laboratories. These can be provided both by individuals and departments.

Please try to formulate entries in comprehensible language to make them understandable even to people outside the field. Also keep in mind that acronyms of technical terms may have different meanings in other disciplines. Therefore please include the spelled-out form if necessary, e.g. REM (Reflection electron microscope / Rapid Eye Movement / Rare earth element).