Input screen

All types of professional, technical and methodical skills may be entered, also in combination with particular technologies, equipment or laboratories. These can be provided both by individuals and departments.

Please try to formulate entries in comprehensible language to make them understandable even to people outside the field. Also keep in mind that acronyms of technical terms may have different meanings in other disciplines. Therefore please include the spelled-out form if necessary, e.g. REM (Reflection electron microscope / Rapid Eye Movement / Rare earth element).

For each competency a language is determined automatically on submitting, on the basis of the chosen user interface language. Since the database is available in the languages German, English and Italian, the entries are then translated by transidee. However, since you probably already know the translations of your technical terms in German or English (whichever of the two is the competency's primary language), it would be helpful if you could take over the translation between those two languages.

Go to input form for scientists at the University of Innsbruck:

Here you can log in using your username and password. If you have not received any login details, register here.

Then you can complete your contact details and other data under „User data‟ and add new entries to the database under „Competencies‟.

User data

If you choose "yes" under "Publish contact", information the top box may be published together with any competencies you submit. All data in the bottom box ("internal") will remain confidential.

What happens with submitted competencies?

  • The entries are reviewed and checked for completeness. We reserve the right to make minor alterations, such as correcting spelling mistakes, without prompting. If we need more information, we will contact you.
  • Because the database is available in German, English and Italian, the entries are then translated.
  • Finally, on the basis of the keywords that you entered, standardized keywords from a thesaurus will be assigned to each entry.
  • Only thus completed entries will then be published online.

Competencies submission advice


  • Choose a descriptive but not too comprehensive title.

Feedback Email

  • Contact Email: KDB's email address (default) or email-address of your choice
  • i.e.: you can only be contacted directly, if you specifically request it. Otherwise inquiries will be accepted by the Transferstelle and forwarded to you.


  • confidential: All information given will be treated confidentially.
  • release internally: You agree that the content entered in the fields "competency", "description" and "keywords" may be published. The entries will not be visible to the public immediately, as they are translated and tagged with keywords prior to publication.


  • What expertise is covered by the competency?
  • Which materials will be utilized?
  • What methods/equipment/software will be used (if applicable)?
  • Which areas of application arise?
  • Upon release of your entry ("publish"), this entry will be public.


  • For the time being the competencies database in searched in full-text. However we ask you to provide meaningful keywords, which we will use to create a thesaurus to improve searchability by means of a structured keyword search.
  • A keyword does not necessarily have to occur in the title or description, however, it needs to be directly related to the competency. Best suited are individual words, strings of words should be avoided if possible (unless they are technical terms: "renewable energy" for example is fine). If a term is present as a standardized subject heading in the GND (Gemeinsame Normdatei/Integrated Authority File; or any other Authority File) or has its own Wikipedia page, it is usually suitable as a keyword.
  • Information entered in this box will be used to assign suitable keywords from the thesaurus. Those keywords will then be visible to the public upon release of the competency. The contents of this box itself will no be published.


  • This is intended for descriptive examples, publications or past or present projects on the subject.
  • This field is treated confidentially and even upon release of your entry ("publish"), this entry will not be made public.

Internal information

  • This field is used for communication between you and the Transferstelle. All content is treated with absolutely confidentiality!